RTK0 Admin Log

16 08 2007

Thu, 16 Aug 2007

Log entries for August 16, 2007

General cleanup.

Upgraded master Drupal copies to 4.7.7 and 5.2.

Linked some drupal powered vhosts to the master copies.

Decommissioned vocalo.rtk0.net.
Decommissioned 1.meta.the-cookies.org (permissions patch testsite).
Decommissioned 1.work.rtk0.net.
Removed disconnected CNAME maxtest.research.rtk0.net.
Removed disconnected CNAME max.research.rtk0.net.
Removed disconnected CNAME wave.rtk0.net.
Removed pwdev.rtk0.net A record. (pwdev decommissioned by PW a while ago)
Removed pwpages-beta.rtk0.net CNAME.

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